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Apex Legends Nessie 6-Inch Plush

Apex Legends Nessie 6-Inch Plush

Release Date: May 1st, 2021

Manufacturer: JAKKS Pacific

Where To Buy: Entertainment Earth

MSRP: 9.99


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Winner of the best multiplayer game awards of 2019 from BAFTA and The Game Awards, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle-royale game built for competition. Natalie Wattson Paquette spent her childhood exploring Kings Canyon with an army of Nessie plushes by her side. Now they can be found all over the Apex Arena, but she wasnt the only one to fall in love with these adorable dinos. Today they may show up anywhere: the dropship, Cryptos hideout, and now, your own home! Bring a piece of Apex Legends into your life with this collectible 6-inch scale Nessie Plush. The collectible plush is made from soft premium material and is perfect for display or cuddles. Features in-game details including the intricate zipper accent. (Zipper is not functional.) Plus, this Nessie Plush comes with an Easter Egg of its very own when you scan its QR codes. Grab yours now to find out what kind of surprises await.

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