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Lost My Meds Fred

Lost My Meds Fred

Release Date: unknown

Manufacturer: Think Wow

Where To Buy:

MSRP: 18.99

UPC: 812198011825

MFR Number: 01182


Officially licensed product from Fred Videos: "Hey, It's Fred! It's pretty cool that you're buying my stuff, I'm not even gonna lie! I mean no offense to people who buy other stuff but seriously, I think if you buy this FRED thing and take it home you'll probably be really happy and use it for pretty much everything. Peace Out Homedog!" Says 9 phrases 1. "Hey it's Fred" 2. "It's Hackin' Awesome" 3. "What's Up Homey G?" 4. If you're wondering why I'm acting extraordinary it's because I haven't taken my pills." 5. "I need my medication I need my medication I need my medication" 6. "I hate her, but I love her at the same time, it can be confusing." 7. "I need some medication." 8. "I have a condition where you need to take pills to act like a normal human." 9. "My mom got mad at me because I ate all the dirt out of the vacuum cleaner"

Joe's Notes:

Initially available at Toys R Us, the company felt that that this plush wasn't quite right for their stores and it was pulled off the shelves.

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